Has The Potential of Video Mobile Advertising Finally Been Unlocked?

Has The Potential of Video Mobile Advertising Finally Been UnlockedIt’s a bold pledge for sure, but it’s also one backed up by a credible name in the mobile advertising arena.

On Monday, mobile ad network InMobi unveiled “context-aware, interactive video ads platform” that the company says will deliver powerful narratives, changing mobile advertising as we’ve known it.

The independent mobile advertising network shared with MMW details surrounding the multiple advanced video ad formats unveiled this week, all of which are designed to create an interactive and immersive ad experience for consumers.

“InMobi video ad formats are not retrofitted traditional videos meant to run on non-interactive, one-way devices such as the television,” the company says. “Instead, InMobi is creating a powerful new tool for brands and developers to increase consumer engagement by up to fivefold compared with other formats and media, by meshing together the mobile’s ability to play video along with its interactivity, proximity to the user, ability to identify the current context to name a few.”

So what exactly is InMobi serving up to developers? Moving beyond the classic, more traditional video ad formats, the new offerings include:

  • Interactive Canvas: Overlaying interactive content on the display canvas allows the advertiser/brand to enhance the video ad by introducing clickable windows, call-to-action buttons towards increasing the interaction rate. For example: Consumers can click on a pair of shoes in a video ad once a ‘hot spot’ appears.
  • Video SmartAds: Consumers can now receive contextually relevant ads based on external feeds like location, weather and live data like stock market feeds. For example: Hot weather conditions will trigger a video ad for a chilled summer drink.
  • Video Continuum: Identify and re-target consumers by playing ads from a preset video series. A similar frame, background or trigger is used to across the series of ads, keeping the videos familiar and making it clear they are part of a sequence. For example: A series of ads on the types of stains a detergent can remove.
  • Form Capture: Better understand consumer preferences through customized questions or triggers that appear during the video ad, leading to more relevant retargeting.

“At InMobi, we strive to deliver great consumer experiences. We have in excess of one billion video ad impressions demonstrating the scale and reach of our offering,” said Piyush Shah, Vice President of Products at InMobi. “Our video offerings span multiple video ad formats, award-winning creatives and deep analytics, all leveraging our big data capabilities targeted at delivering a theatre-like experience to consumers.”