Has Apple's Database Been Hacked?

Has Apple's Database Been HackedControversy erupted overnight following scant reports earlier on Tuesday that Apple’s database had been breached.

As Apple Insider initially reported, hacker group 1775 Sec’s Twitter page presented a startling revelation yesterday. The group claimed to have effectively hacked Apple’s database.

AppleInsider has verified that some user information is legitimate, but the veracity of other data, such as passwords, email addresses and user names, is questionable. For example, many phone numbers are no longer in service, suggesting the data is old. Another scenario is that the information is not, in fact, from Apple’s database and the posts are simply a hoax to garner media attention.

The organization taking credit for the purported hack first began warning Apple of its efforts and intentions two days ago on Twitter.

“We repeatedly warned you Apple Inc… You thought because we faked some Drop Box leaks, that we actually didn’t hack you? You made a foolish move Apple! We are the 1775Sec and the European Cyber Army!” the tweet read.

As of this writing, Apple hasn’t confirmed the security breach, which leads some to believe that the group’s claim may be entirely fabricated.