Happening Now: Creative Marketplace for Facebook Ads Publicly Available From Consumer Acquisition

MMW learned Tuesday that ​​​​​​​Consumer Acquisition, a Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partner offering the world’s first end-to-end acquisition platform, has just confirmed the public availability of its Creative Marketplace solution that delivers creative design at scale to Facebook advertisers.

“Starting today,” a provided statement reads, “all Facebook advertisers will be able to access Consumer Acquisition’s pay-for-performance marketplace for engaging designers and video editors to source ad creatives dynamically for campaigns.”

High-performing digital advertising campaigns on Facebook require a considerable investment in creative development, and choosing the right visuals offer advertisers the best chance at achieving campaign performance goals.

Yet, according to Consumer Acquisition’s internal analysis, about 95 percent of ad creatives are ineffective at converting installs and leads to meet advertiser’s financial objectives. Advertisers must test a constant rotation of hundreds of ad creatives to drive optimal campaign performance.

“We’ve produced over 250,000 Facebook ads and spent over $200 million in Facebook advertising using AI-powered automation, and we know what works in the ad creative market,” says Brian Bowman, CEO of Consumer Acquisition. “Our top- performing advertisers know that maintaining profitable performance with Facebook ads requires a constant refresh of videos and images, so we’re pleased to now offer a scalable solution to all Facebook advertisers with our Creative Marketplace. With a short creative brief, advertisers receive new videos and images from our global network of designers and editors; they choose which creatives to run, upload to Facebook, and pay-for-performance.”