Hang w/ Touts ‘Powerful Live Streaming Update’ for Android

Hang w Touts 'Powerful Live Streaming Update' for AndroidWith, Inc., developer of the Hang w/ (Hang with) live streaming social media platform, tells MMW that they’ve just released a “powerful new update” for the Hang w/ platform for Android.

The update, we’re told, features a significant improvement of the Android video broadcasting capabilities, allowing users to enjoy improved connection stability as well as certain broadcast features that were previously unavailable for Android – such as the ability to flip between the front-facing and rear-facing camera mid broadcast.

The update also contains several artistic and stylized live broadcast filters – allowing Android users to modify the look of their broadcasts on the fly.

“The Hang w/ app connects users through interactive live-streaming video, allowing anyone with an iPhone, iPad, Android device or desktop computer to broadcast live to a potential audience of millions of viewers around the globe,” a provided statement reads.

So when can you get the app? Right now. The Hang w/ app is free and available for download on the Apple App Store and on Google Play by clicking www.hangwith.me.