Half of All Mobile Users Worried About Privacy

Half of All Mobile Users Worried About PrivacyAccording to the findings of a new study commissioned by the Internet Advertising Bureau, privacy concerns are rampant among a large segment of all consumers connected to the Internet via mobile devices.

Close to half of all smartphone owners admit to feeling concerned about their privacy when accessing the mobile web.

The study found that phone users are most concerned about companies accessing personal text messages and financial information, but less worried about data privacy for advertising purposes.

Alex Scott, the public policy manager of the IAB, is quoted by the U.K.’s CampaignLive publication that “when it comes to mobile devices, privacy means a lot of different things in different contexts to people.”

“From this research,” Scott explains, “we also know that consumers are taking measures to address these specific privacy concerns themselves. However, the study also shows consumers crave clarity on data collection and what it’s used for. We have a collective responsibility to give consumers more control; as such we’re working to address transparency and control for mobile advertising privacy, to give consumers a consistent experience across devices.”