Guohe Releases First-Ever Infographic on the Mobile Advertising Ecosystem in China

Guohe, China’s largest mobile ad mediation platform, has published the industry’s first infographic for the rapidly growing Chinese mobile advertising market.

The company partnered with iResearch, a leading market research firm in China, to take a deep dive into a variety of data points derived from the first half of 2011.  Some of the interesting takeaways include the fact that iOS ad impressions outweigh Android by more than 16%, and that Apple in general receives 58% of all tracked impressions.  Also interesting is how dominant the iPad is in the Chinese tablet market — accounting for over 98% of total mobile ad impressions on tablet devices.

They’ve produced one of the more comprehensive infographics we’ve seen in a while, painting a rather interesting picture of the mobile advertising landscape in one of the more advanced mobile ecosystems in the world.  Enjoy . . .