Gumiyo May Assist Struggling Autos

If the auto industry survives, some auto deals may want to pay attention to what Gumiyo is up to. Today the company announced the release of Mobile Lead Management, a set of tools developed to help auto dealers maximize ROI from their mobile marketing campaigns.

The lead management solution integrates into Gumiyo’s Mobile Ready platform, enabling dealers to quickly and easily capture, process and manage real-time mobile phone SMS text messaging inquiries from consumers.

“Mobile Lead Management is very similar in purpose and function to Internet lead management,” said Rich Abronson, vice president of marketing for Gumiyo. “These tools ensure that in-coming mobile phone leads, which come from down-funnel car buyers, are properly tracked and responded to so that dealers can connect with on-the-go customers and make the sale.”

Gumiyo’s Mobile Lead Management solution centralizes dealership efforts to reach and interact with mobile consumers responding on an immediate and emotional basis to a dealer’s traditional advertising.

Features of the new solution include:

-Capture of mobile leads from in-market car buyers in one central system.

-Native integration with the dealership’s CRM system via ADF format.

-Tracking lead events such as lead form submissions and replies to text messages from consumers and dealers.

-Routing of lead alerts in the form of text messages and email–in real-time–to sales personnel for immediate follow-up.

-Detailed reports on leads, conversions, and other vital mobile lead data for review, analysis, cross-reference with historical sales data, and integration with follow on service and fixed operations.