Gumiyo Aims To Educate On Mobile Marketing Practices

Gumiyo, a mobile marketing platform provider for auto dealers, Realtors, and classified advertisers, announced the introduction of its “Mobile Ready” program aimed at educating agencies and mobile-based advertising providers on key aspects of mobile campaign deployment.

Gumiyo’s main business is providing an all-in-one solution for deploying large inventories for auto dealers and other similar industries, as well as incorporating a mobile-based CRM system into the mix to better interact with a dealer’s mobile-users. Gumiyo is hoping that by educating the people that make decisions in terms of consulting auto-dealer’s mobile marketing needs, they can ingrain their brand and product offerings into the minds of the decision makers and subsequently gain a larger following.

Its a pretty good tactical move on Gumiyo’s part. By starting at the source, they’re getting their name into the mix before any other competitors get a chance to. In this emerging industry, this is very important.

Members of the “Mobile Ready” program will benefit from Industry reports, additional data on the state of mobile marketing and its projected impact on the automotive industry, and will be provided training on mobile marketing technology. They will have consultation about the dealerships offerings of mobile marketing, and members will also have access to an extensive knowledge base of information on companies and agencies that have successfully deployed mobile Web and SMS marketing solutions in the automotive space. There is also a member’s forum for them to come together and discuss about ideas and best practices. Here’s what Gumiyo has to say;
“With the explosive growth of the mobile Web and SMS text messaging, advertising agencies, automotive content providers, and CRM companies are beginning to look at the mobile space as it relates to their offerings,” said Shuki Lehavi, Gumiyo CEO and co-founder. “This initiative is aimed at providing these companies with rapid development and deployment of best-of-breed mobile marketing solutions which we’ve built into the Gumiyo Mobile Marketplace platform.”