GSMI’s Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit Announces Workshops

GSMI’s Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit Announces WorkshopOn Thursday, the Global Strategic Management Institute (GSMI) announced that the 6th installment of the Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit (MMSS) now includes interactive workshop presenters from Archer, The Mobile Audit, and DoublePositive Marketing Group.

This year, the big event will be held in Boston on October 2nd-3rd.

While perceived by many to be a brand awareness channel, it’s very clear today that mobile is material in all areas of marketing. The Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit will help its participants stay informed of important developments in both the media and technology that make mobile a great choice for performance marketers.

JT Benton, Vice President of the Mobile Marketing Division at DoublePositive Marketing Group, and his colleague, Brett Kaufman, Vice President of Mobile Marketing at DoublePositive, are scheduled to co-host a workshop entitled Mobile Marketing Fundamentals – 3 T’s of Success: Tips, Trends, & Tactics.

Also joining the summit this October is Archer’s Vice President of Mobile Strategy, Bruce Hershey.

Craig Besnoy, Mobile Strategist at the Mobile Audit, will similarly host a workshop – A Mobile Audit: Analyzing, Establishing, and Implementing Mobility into Your Business.

Early bird registration has already begun and will continue through August 30th.

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