GSMA: North America Leading Mobile Investment

GSMA North America Leading Mobile InvestmentThe North American mobile market is one of the most advanced and successful in the world.

That’s the assertion of a new report in the GSMA’s Mobile Economy series.

The study, “Mobile Economy North America 2014,” shows that mobile subscribers in the North American region are taking advantage of the latest mobile technologies and innovations at lower retail rates than other comparable global markets.

It also finds that North American mobile operators have been able to grow revenue at a time when mobile revenue in Europe and other developed markets has been in decline.

“The North American mobile industry is established as a major contributor to the regional economy, serving over a quarter of a billion citizens and delivering high-speed mobile connectivity to huge swathes of the population,” says Michael O’Hara, Chief Marketing Officer at GSMA.

“Our latest Mobile Economy report reveals how the widespread deployment of 4G networks in North America is creating a virtuous circle, stimulating adoption of new mobile technologies, applications and services that are unlocking new revenue streams for operators and enriching the mobile experience for consumers,” he adds.

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