GSMA: Mobile’s Impact on Latin America’s Economies

GSMA Mobile's Impact on Latin America's EconomiesThe mobile impact across Latin America is both pronounced and profound.

It was the subject of widespread discussion leading up to this morning’s GSMA Latin America Plenary Meeting. As a result, the GSMA released a comprehensive assessment of the impact of the mobile industry in Latin America.

The report, “Mobile Economy Latin America 2013,” reveals that in 2012 the mobile industry generated over 3.7 percent of Latin America’s GDP, contributing US $211 billion to the region’s economy.

According to other information presented, mobile also directly employed 353,000 men and women in the region and contributed over $39 billion to public funding.

By 2020, the sector is predicted to generate 4.5 per cent of GDP and directly support 453,000 jobs, as well as contribute $50 billion in public funding by 2017.

As of June 2013, the data confirms, there were 632 million connections and 319 million unique subscribers in Latin America, equivalent to penetration rates of 104 percent and 52 percent respectively and surpassing global average developing market penetration rates of 79 percent connections and 38 percent unique subscribers.

“Latin America is one of the most diverse regions in the world in terms of its economic and social development but is unified by the growing contribution of mobile,” says Tom Phillips, the GSMA’s Chief Regulatory Officer. “While the voice market is becoming more saturated, future benefits will come increasingly from mobile broadband and new applications and services. However, the region urgently needs more transparent and predictable regulation to support this important opportunity.”