GSM Association Approves Starhome’s Roaming Technology

GSMA Approves Starhome's Roaming TechnologyStarhome, a company specializing in a wide variety of roaming services and solutions, today announced that its “Gateway Location Register” (GLR) has been given the green light by the GSM Association.

The solution, which provides network infrastructure with intelligent roaming capabilities to monitor, manage, optimize and maintain service for inbound roamer traffic, had been under fire by the GSMA who deemed it as a hostile means to maintain roamers in an operator’s network- considering it to be an Anti-SoR (Steering of Roaming) solution.

In today’s announcement, Starhome indicated that the BARG (Billing and Accounting Roaming Group) of the GSM Association has given it the all-clear after further review and persuasion on behalf of Starhome itself.

Operators want inbound roaming traffic, as it provides increased revenue opportunity, and Starhome’s GLR solution helps carriers gain and optimize that usage.  The company provides the solution to tier-1 operators and has 65 live installations running, proving to the GSMA that it works and is within their guidelines.

“Operators can now feel confident of using Starhome’s Gateway Location Register as a means to increase their inbound market share,” commented Shlomo Wolfman, co-founder and COO of Starhome.  “Starhome has always maintained that its Gateway Location Register is a legitimate solution to manage and optimize operator’s inbound roaming traffic; we are happy that BARG has confirmed this.”