Groupon Goes to Android with Groupon Payments

News emerged from the Windy City on Friday that Groupon is releasing its newest version of the Groupon Merchants app for Android (v2.2).

The release, needless to say, incorporates Groupon Payments into the Android platform, offering merchants a way to accept credit card payments.

Groupon merchants with Android devices who sign up for Groupon Payments are told to expect “a fast, intuitive experience capable of fulfilling their everyday credit card processing needs.”

One of the nifty bells and whistles to come along for the ride is ROI Tracking. Groupon Merchants can scan and redeem customer Groupons and monitor tips and additional spending to track the success of their deal

“We’re thrilled to bring the powerful features of the Groupon Merchants app and the cost savings and convenience of Groupon Payments to more merchants with smart phones,” says Gene Alston, General Manager of Groupon Payments. “This app is an effective tool for merchants looking to process payments and track customer growth.”

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