Groupon Gets Major Boost from Mobile, Says CEO

Mobile users are perhaps much more friendly toward Groupon than we realized.

This week, Groupon CEO Andrew Mason published a letter to investors, outlining both Groupon’s charted course of expansion, and also its huge backing from the mobile community.

According to Mason, 30 percent of all transactions on Groupon’s platform now come from mobile devices.

“The rapid adoption of Groupon on mobile devices demonstrates the importance of smart phones to local e-commerce,” he said Monday, helping shares of Groupon gain nearly 10% at one point during regular trading hours.

“Our average North American mobile customer, for example, spends well over 50% more than customers who have never purchased on a mobile device,” Mason adds. “This growth has created momentum for Groupon Now!, our real-time deals service offering deals for whenever you’re hungry or bored, which recently surpassed 1.5 million purchases.”

By the end of 2011, 33 million customers had grabbed some 170 million Groupon deals. And, according to the latest projections, those numbers could be blown out of the water by the time 2012 similarly comes to a close.