Groupon, Foursquare May Partner for Mobile Deals

According to reports of a possible mobile heavyweight partnership, the irresistible force – Groupon – may soon team with the immovable object – Foursquare – for a new venture forged for the purpose offering new mobile deals and discounts.

Based on the information provided from sources in-the-know, the rumored partnership is expected to result in the establishment of Groupon deals targeted to Foursquare users’ check-ins. “Mobile app users who tell their friends that they’re in the vicinity of a venue offering a discount are obviously prime customers,” writes Liz Gannes of All Things Digital.

A partnership seemingly made in mobile heaven, a deal would likeky prove a win-win for both parties in addition to mobile users of the respective services. Beyond Foursquare gaining the benefit of working with a massive, well-capitalized mobile partner, Groupon gains from tapping into yet another platform that portends favorably for new customer acquisition.

Ironically, news of the possible partnership would be coming just days after Groupon announced plans to distribute its new Groupon Now! real time offers with Loopt, a major competitor to Foursquare.

Although neither Groupon or Foursquare is commenting on the burning rumors, multiple published reports indicate that Groupon CEO Andrew Mason has made more than a few visits of late to Foursquare’s New York headquarters.

Stay tuned…