Groundbreaking Air Dock to Take Flight This Spring

Air Dock to Take Flight This SpringLast year, the makers of Air Dock introduced to consumers and investors on Indiegogo a wireless charging dock for smartphones that, by all accounts, achieved a stunning degree of success in the world of crowdfunding that was staggering for any product in any product genre.

Having more than doubled its funding goal, $148,773 later the visionaries behind Air Dock expect to begin shipping in May that which is already established as “the world’s best smartphone car charger and dock.”

If you’re not familiar, the Air Dock supports a smartphone with no clips or clamps, wirelessly charging the device without the need for any physical plugs or connections.

“The face of the Air Dock is a micro suction foam that securely holds your phone in place,” the makers explain on their website. “Inside the Air Dock are magnets that pull the phone tightly into the foam face. Most phones compatible with Qi wireless chargers will work on the Air Dock.”

As of this writing, the Air Dock wireless charger will work with the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Note 2 and 3, and the iPhone 4 and 5.

“I have been building things since I was a kid, and I love it,” says Greg Fackrell, CEO and founder of Air Dock. “Building and testing the Air Dock has been a blast. I have used several different 3D printers to make all the different parts as I have experimented with different versions of the Air Dock. There is nothing I enjoy more than having an idea and then turning it into a finished and working product.”

The Air Dock will sell for $68.99 and ships with dual USB power supply and USB cable.

To learn more, check out the Air Dock here.