Greystripe’s Newly Launched Mobile Web Ads Outperform Static Display Ads By 136%

A couple weeks ago, we reported on Greystripe releasing their unique rich media ad-units for the mobile Web, using proprietary “Lightning Technology” to turn ads built using industry standard Flash tools into HTML5.  Today, the company announced the new ad-units are already outperforming static banner ads by an impressive 136 percent in terms of click through rates.

The results were collected over the past two months during the beta period and since the launch of Greystripe’s mobile web ad platform, RevMax for Publishers.  Early publisher partners of Greystripe, including, Evite, and CollegeHumor have already seen impressive results with the new format.  Publishers have been clamoring for mobile app ads because of their high engagement and response rates, and Greystripe is steadily proving that the same results can be achieved on the mobile Web as well.

“Greystripe’s rich media ads are achieving impressive CPMs for our mobile web properties,” said Lisa Sullivan-Cross, GM Mobile at  “By pioneering rich media on the mobile web, Greystripe is opening the door for big brands to more deeply engage their audience in’s mobile web content with premium advertising.”

Greystripe now provides truly cross-platform ad-units that take the guess work out of the equation when it comes to mobile advertising by allowing advertisers to develop an ad in standard Flash and have it delivered in HTML5 to iPad, iPhone, and all Android devices.

“At the end of the day, a brand knows that their campaign has been successful in mobile based on performance metrics.  The improved results of our gorgeous, rich media ads over small, boring banners is a wake-up-call that the opportunity for mobile is not selling clicks, but engagement and brand immersion.” said Michael Chang, CEO of Greystripe.  “Advertisers can now fully engage their audience and mobile web publishers can now maximize revenue.”

For a more in-depth look at the new mobile Web ad-formats, take a look at this deck that includes everything you need to know.