Greystripe Sells Out Mobile Advertising Inventory For Third Consecutive Month

Greystripe Sells Out Mobile Advertising Inventory For Third Consecutive MonthFor the third consecutive month since Apple announced iAds, Greystripe has sold out of its similar rich-media mobile ad inventory, according to a press release issued this morning.

Over the same three-month span, Greystripe’s advertising inventory from applications on iPhone and Android devices has more than doubled- proving increased interest in cross-platform, interactive, rich media mobile advertising across the board.  In addition, Greystripe is reporting over 99% fill rates, indicating significant revenue for the developers in its network.

Greystripe’s “immersion ads” are almost identical in format to iAds, with the same rich functionality and high level of engagement.  The introduction of iAds woke the industry up to the rich media potential, and brands and publishers are beginning to recognize companies like Greystripe who have been providing such ads for over two years prior.

“The ongoing popularity of Greystripe’s advertising network is indicative of the increasing interest in immersive mobile advertising by brands and consumers,” said Michael Chang, Greystripe CEO. “With the proven success and effectiveness of these campaigns with users, we will continue to see more and more brands launch these kinds of interactive mobile campaigns.”

We recently covered a campaign for the Buick LaCrosse, which utilized Greystripe’s immersion ads to help boost purchase intent by 35% and lift brand awareness by over 21%.  As the industry shifts to more engaging, immersive ad formats, we’ll undoubtedly start hearing of more success stories like this.  If Greystripe’s sell-out streak is any indication, that shift is already beginning to take place.