Greystripe Readying Itself For iPad, Allows Flash-Based Ads

Greystripe Readying Itself For iPad, Allows Flash-Based AdsBefore the iPad even drops, every company around has been readying themselves for the mystical device that debuts in a couple day’s time.  Providers of mobile advertising have been preparing more so than most, including mobile ad-network Gretstripe, who today announced the future availability of “iFlash,” the company’s flash-based ad-units available for the iPhone, for the iPad as well.

Greystripe has seen a lot of success in allowing brands to create flash-based ads for the iPhone using the company’s proprietary transcoding methods, even though Flash has long been denied by Apple.  With the iPad and its increased viewing real-estate, it only makes sense for Greystripe to extend its technology to the new device.

iFlash ads are slightly different on the back-end, but act the exact same way as regular flash-based ads Online, and create the same user-experience.  Greystripe claims that its “iFlash” ads see higher clickthrough rates than even online campaigns, with average CTRs above 1%.

While the mobile ad business is in a state of perpetual motion with Google owning AdMob and Apple owning Quattro, it’s a race to see what works and what doesn’t on the bevy of new devices coming down the pipeline.  Greystripe has put itself in a nice position with iFlash, that is until Google or Apple one-up them with their own release.