Greystripe Debuts New “Ad Booster” Mobile Ad Units to Drive Relevance & Targeting

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Mobile advertising network Greystripe has announced some innovative new mobile ad units focused on making the experience more relevant, targeted, and “app-like” for mobile users.

The new ad units, or “Ad Boosters” as they’re called, allow for both industry-focused and social ad units.  The industry-focused units drill down to a specific, targeted vertical for things like retail, CPG, automotive, etc., and can be customized to allow advertisers to direct users to specific actions.  The retail booster, for example, includes a “Find Store button,” a “Coupon button” and a “Buy Now button.”  The social units add integration for services like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

The new ad units take up the full screen on smartphones and displays a row of buttons at the bottom that mimic apps sitting on your phone’s home screen.  These buttons are the various calls-to-action that are integrated into each ad, and can be anything from getting mobile coupons and daily deals, to store locators and click-to-call buttons.

Greystripe has always been pretty good at creating ad units that take full advantage of today’s smartphones to create unique experiences for users, and hopefully higher ROI for advertisers.  The new Ad Booster units keep things simple while driving attention to three main areas; a large logo at the top, the core of the creative in the middle and a row of “app-like” buttons at the bottom to drive various actions.  The touch points are a good way to leverage the familiarity of tapping an app on your phone’s home screen — something most of us do everyday.