Greystripe Continues Massive Expansion, Now Integrates With AdMob-Owned AdWhirl

Greystripe today announced a new partnership with AdMob-owned AdWhirl to enable app-developers to incorporate Greystripe’s banner ads, including its popular “iAd-like” Immersion Ads.

Using the AdWhirl SDK, developers will be able to simultaneously integrate Greystripe and other mobile advertising networks, while optimizing for maximized revenue and fill.  The partnership is significant for Greystripe as it widens its reach within the developer community and furthers the availability of its unique rich media ad-units.

“Greystripe’s expandable immersion ads are the most engaging available today, which means great revenue for application developers,” said Greystripe VP of Publisher Relations Erica Chriss. “We’re excited to be working with AdWhirl to widen our base of developers.”

With its latest partnership, developers are now able to integrate Greystripe with other networks, including iAds, AdMob, JumpTap, Millennial Media and Quattro Wireless.  This is all part of Greystripe’s strategy to expand its mobile advertising offerings and extend its market position as the leading independent mobile ad network, and it seems to be working.