Greystripe Brings Rich Media Ad-Units To The Mobile Web, Becomes Truly Cross-Platform

Greystripe, a leading rich-media mobile advertising provider, announced today that it’s bringing the same formats available for mobile apps to the mobile Web as well, becoming truly “cross-platform” in the process.

The company is best known for its “iAd-like” rich-media formats that utilize Greystripe’s proprietary “Lightning Technology” to turn ads built using industry standard Flash tools into HTML5, thus becoming fully cross-compatible on all leading mobile platforms such as the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  With the introduction of support for the mobile Web as well, Greystipe can now offer advertisers ad-units that are truly cross-platform, reaching users within apps on iOS and Android as well as the mobile Web.

The mobile Web is available on nearly every mobile phone made these days, and beyond the reach it provides for mobile advertisers, the user-experience has evolved to a point that rivals the functionality found in native mobile apps.  Because of this, more and more publishers will choose to develop mobile web applications and Websites, instead of focusing only on native apps.

Using Greystripe’s “RevMax for Mobile Web,” brands can utilize the company’s interactive “Immersion Ads” and iAd-like Expandables, which have more than proven to drive results for advertisers.  The company says a number of application publishers in the Greystripe network have consistently earned more than $100,000 per month using these formats.  You may remember a recent campaign we covered a while back where Buick saw a 21 percent lift in brand awareness and 35 percent lift in purchase intent with an Immersion ad on the Greystripe network.

“There is a huge opportunity in the mobile web, which has previously been relegated to static, undifferentiated banners. We can now bring enhanced economics to the mobile web though premium ads paired with premium content,” Greystripe CEO Michael Chang said. ”This is going to revolutionize mobile web monetization because our Immersion ads are so much richer than anything else out there”  Greystipe put together a short demo video of the new mobile Web ad-formats shown on an iPhone, iPad and Android device, which we’ve embedded below.