Greystripe Announces 5-Day Campaign Turnaround To Those Angry Over iAd Delays

On the heels of advertisers expressing frustration over long delays associated with Apple’s tight control over iAd, Greystripe has announced a 5-day turnaround for rich media mobile-ad campaigns on its network.

Greystripe uses a proprietary method for delivering Flash-based creatives as iOS-compliant HTML5 to the iPhone and iPad, creating rich media ad-units that rival what iAd provides.  With it’s technology and quick turnaround, Greystripe is definitely leveraging Apple’s bad publicity to promote its similar offerings.

“For brands looking to target the back-to-school season, getting ads mobile-ready now is critical.  Apple’s iAds have recently come under scrutiny for the eight to 10 weeks it takes for an advertisement to be developed,” Greystripe said in a press release.  “This long lag is driven by Apple’s tight control over the creative process and reliance on HTML5 for ad development.  With Greystripe, advertisers have full creative control over proven, high performance rich media ads that can be turned around in the shortest possible time and developed using industry standard Flash tools.”

If its reach brands are worried about, Greystripe also ensures its network currently reaches over 30M US smartphone users.  Greystripe has a good track record of delivering innovative mobile ad-units that look and function just like iAds — add to it an equally expansive reach, the ability to market to devices outside of Apple’s and a quick turnaround that’s 90 percent faster than iAd, and you’ve got a pretty worthy competitor.