Green Circle Agency Report Confirms Google Search Trend Drift

Green Circle Agency Report Confirms Google Search Trend DriftEveryone wants to know where the digital market is heading, and no one more than the folks at Green Circle Agency, a leading technology-enabled, data driven digital marketing firm.

The company just released its first quarter 2015 “Digital Marketing Report,” revealing some noteworthy trends.

The report evaluates “trends in SEO, paid-search, social media, display advertising, product ads, comparison e-commerce sites, and much more, supplying detailed and comprehensive insights into digital-marketing trends by utilizing data from its huge client base,” according to a provided statement.

Some critical themes?

  • Performance trends for Bing and Google show a halt in the Google click hike as well as a steady rise in Bing Ad traffic.
  • Smartphones continue to enjoy a rise in traffic for both organic and paid search channels. (Google’s search engine updates to optimize for mobile could see brands without mobile-friendly websites seeing downfall in SERPs.
  • Spending on Google sunk from 19 percent in Q4 2014 to 13 percent in Q1 2015, since click traffic increased just by 0.2 percent year-over-year and rose 13 percent by cost-per-click.

“Google’s Click rate was adversely influenced by many facets, including slow tablet growth, the growth of PLA (Product Listing Ad) market, in addition to the loss of Google’s default search supplier status on Firefox, which led to almost 2 percent drift of U.S. search traffic share to Yahoo,” according to Green Circle.