Great Jones Street Short Fiction Mobile App Partners with Clearpoint Agency

MMW has learned that Clearpoint Agency, a public relations and digital marketing firm, is collaborating with Great Jones Street, the leading short fiction app, to promote the app’s expansive portfolio of contemporary short fiction and communicate its value to new markets.

Ahead of the weekend, a statement provided to MMW noted that Great Jones Street was launched in late 2015 by serial entrepreneur Kelly Abbott and has grown to be the largest annual buyer of short fiction today.

With short fiction experiencing a revival, Great Jones Street offers the perfect bite-sized entertainment and welcomed break in today’s fast-paced world. The app, with 5 stars on the Apple store and 4.5 on Google Play, curates thousands of stories in every genre for fans to read, listen or stream in 5-, 10-, to 15+ minute fiction bursts – satiating appetites for premium fiction, beautiful aesthetics, audio from writers, and a community of writers and readers.

“Kelly is a visionary, and Great Jones Street confirms his foresight,” says Clearpoint Agency President Bonnie Shaw. “Great Jones Street leverages the mobile phone as the channel to deliver high-quality, bite-sized short stories that are tailormade for our mobile culture. And the platform opens a direct channel to publishers seeking to go direct to consumer (DTC) and open new markets.”