GPShopper Brings New Mobile Marketing Resources to Retail

GPShopper Brings New Mobile Marketing Resources to RetailWith the holiday shopping season fast approaching, it’s a great time of year to introduce new mobile marketing solutions for retailers large and small.

To that end, GPShopper has just announced “Beacons,” an innovative way to engage consumers with an in-store retail experience.

Utilizing the new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard, compatible with Apple’s iBeacon framework, Beacons bring the power of mobile location marketing to the in-store consumer’s iPhone or Android smartphone.

In short, the Beacons solution allows a retailer or brand to introduce micro-location messaging and personalized targeting to indoor locations. Beacons can be used for entry/exit messaging, cash-wrap notifications, in-aisle promotional targeting as well as store-level heat-mapping and analytics.
Shoppers can receive instant information on their phones related to their favorite products, tailored promotions and immediate customer support.

All told, the company says, this makes for “an enriched in-store experience.”

“Adding Beacons to GPShopper’s Platform allows retailers to observe a never before seen 360-degree view of consumers, from online consideration to real-world browsing to in-store activity and purchase,” says Alex Muller, CEO of GPShopper. “Additionally, consumers using smartphones are empowered by a personalized and targeted in-store experience.”