GoPayment Poised to Become The Ultimate Political Fundraiser

Intuit’s hugely popular mobile payments platform GoPayment doesn’t shake hands or kiss babies, but it is getting very political. On Monday, Intuit announced that GoPayment has effectively hit the 2012 campaign trail by making it possible for political fundraisers everywhere to process credit card donations using their smartphone or tablet.

No cash? No check? No problem. Fundraisers everywhere in the U.S. can now maximize political donations by accepting credit cards wherever they are.

Similar to how GoPayment helps small businesses increase their sales, Intuit says that GoPayment, its free mobile credit card app and card reader hardware, has been enhanced for political donations. Fundraisers can now use GoPayment to process credit card donations on the most popular mobile devices while collecting the donor information often required of campaigns to be legally compliant.

GoPayment is one of the first mobile payment offerings to provide this capability to political campaigns without requiring them to customize an existing app or create a new one. The offering also protects sensitive credit card data from the moment the card is swiped via the GoPayment card reader, which uses the latest encryption technology.

“We saw a need to help fundraisers significantly increase their political donations, especially at events or when going door-to-door, when not everyone has cash or checks,” said Chris Hylen, vice president and general manager of Intuit’s Payment Solutions division. “We’ve enhanced GoPayment specifically for campaign donations. With just one swipe, fundraisers can easily increase their donations while collecting all information needed to help them meet their reporting requirements.”

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