Google’s Mission: To Acquire Everything

Perhaps it’s an exaggeration to state that Google’s mission is to acquire any and all relevant companies in its path, but based on the year Google has had and the year it claims it will have in 2011, it might not be such an exaggeration after all.

According to a report from Reuters, Google’s top deal-maker, David Lawee, says Google has no plans to slow its velocity of deals in video, mobile and social networking technology.

“The company regularly faces off against a handful of rivals, including Apple Inc and Microsoft Corp, on the acquisition front, Google Vice President of Corporate Development David Lawee told Reuters in an exclusive interview on Monday.”

By Lawee’s own admission, competition for “the next hot start-up” continues to drive Google’s appetite.

So far, Google has purchased 19 companies in 2010. They only made seven similar acquisitions in 2009.

“Five of Google’s deals this year have been related to social media, including Slide, for which Google paid $182 million, according to a person familiar with the matter.”

Lawee hinted that many of Google’s future acquisitions may come in the social space as “social networking technology that allows consumers to share information online is a trend that ‘smart’ companies are trying to take advantage of these days.”