Google’s Android Will Power One Billion Devices in 2013

Facebook recently surpassed the one billion registered user mark as the world’s most populous social network.

But Facebook isn’t someone anyone has to pay for. Android-powered mobile devices are a different story. And next year when Google’s platform powers one billion devices globally, the feat will likely be substantially more impressive than Facebook’s achievement.

This week, Google chief Eric Schmidt told All Things D that Android will be in the hands of one million mobile phone owners within twelve months.

Schmidt says there are now more than 500 million Android devices in use today. 1.3 million devices are activated daily.

“We’ll be at 1 billion mobile devices in a year,” Schmidt said, adding that Android’s rivalry with iOS is “the defining contest” in mobile technology today.

Schmidt told attendees of the All Things D conference that Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook will be the biggest movers, shakers, and innovators of our time.