Google Wallet Seeing Double as Platform Continues to Expand

The Google Wallet app has grown faster than most had initially expected.

Following the release two weeks ago of a new Google Wallet app that supports all credit and debit cards, Google said Thursday that usage has more than doubled already.

“Consumers have immediately grasped the benefit of being able to use any card when shopping in-store and online,” Google says on its Commerce Blog.

We have always pledged that Google Wallet would be open to all card issuers at no cost. And by moving Google Wallet to the cloud, we have greatly simplified the way that card issuers integrate with it.

“Issuers no longer need to connect their systems directly to ours,” the Internet search giant explains. “We have completely eliminated the cost and complexity for issuers to offer their customers their cards in a mobile wallet. What was previously an effort that could take many months, cost millions and require complex orchestration among many parties has been reduced to a few simple steps.”

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