Google Wallet ‘Discovers’ Major New Partner for Mobile Payments

On Friday, Google Wallet “discovered” a new partner – pun intended.

Per the announcement from the consumer credit card giant, Discover customers can now save their credit card directly to their Google Wallet-enabled Android smartphone.

As a result, users now have the ability to complete tap-and-pay transactions at participating retailers and make purchases online.

The new partnership enables consumers to store their Discover account information within the secure storage area of their Android device and make it their primary Wallet credit card. Users may also collect Discover Cashback Bonus rewards on Google Wallet purchases.

Just two weeks ago, Google introduced a cloud-based version of Wallet supporting all credit and debit cards from Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

But there was some controversy when American Express confirmed it had never authorized its inclusion on the platform.

“We’re in discussions with them,” American Express Vice Chairman Ed Gilligan said last week. “There are some concerns there, a little bit on information but a lot about clarity and transparency to our cardmembers.”

American Express maintains that it “reserves the right to disable Google Wallet support for its cards at any time, but it has not yet taken that step.”