Google TV Getting an Android Makeover

Google TV Getting an Android MakeoverThe Google TV as we once knew it is dead. But its return as the Android TV is now upon us. That’s according to sources close to Google.

While the Internet search giant won’t confirm plans, we’re told that “Android TV” is definitely happening.

“For Google TV, this is more than just a name change,” says  Janko Roettgers of Gigaom. “The TV platform was launched three years ago based on Honeycomb, the Android version that also powered Google’s first steps into the tablet world. Google’s latest tablets now run Android 4.3, but Google TV is still stuck on Android version 3.2, which makes it much harder for developers to bring their apps to the TV screen.”

Google announced earlier this year that it would update Google TV to the latest version of Android, which would allow developers to use the same APIs available on mobile devices. The upgrade to Android 4.2 was officially announced for Q3, but word is that LG will now update their Google TV devices later this month, with other manufacturers following in the coming months.

It is unlikely, however, that the refresh will take place before the end of this year.