Google to Report Q1 Earnings Today with New CEO Larry Page

Internet search giant Google is set to report quarterly earnings after the close of trading on Wall Street today.

The consensus among analysts is that earnings are expected to come in at $8.10 per share as Google continues to ward off increased competition from the likes of Microsoft’s Bing.

Earnings aside, traders and investors will be equally as mindful of Larry Page’s first conference call as Google CEO.

Page recently assumed the helm at Google from former CEO and current Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt.

Some Wall Street watchers are nervous about Page’s return engagement as Google chief, given his proclivity for investing in long-term opportunities.

As the Associated Press reported earlier this week, “That philosophy has caused some investors and analysts to wonder if the company will exceed Wall Street’s quarterly earnings targets as consistently as it did under Schmidt for the past 6 1/2 years.”

Among some of the hard-hitting questions that will all but certainly pelt Page during today’s earnings call, reporters and investors alike want to know about Google’s social media strategy in the short-term, and – in particular – how it will better compete with social media giants like Facebook down the road.