Google Says YouTube Mobile Traffic Growing Quickly

Google Says YouTube Mobile Traffic Growing QuicklyAccording to Google, traffic on YouTube originating from mobile devices has climbed six-fold since 2011.

Two years ago, mobile devices were driving only 6% of traffic on YouTube. Today that figure is just north of 40%.

Tablets and smartphones are expected to drive mobile viewing stats even higher for YouTube next year.
Google CEO Larry Page asserts that YouTube’s growing popularity among mobile users is a testament to his company’s commitment to creating quality content absorption experiences regardless of the device being used.

The trend represents “great progress,” Page said on the call. Google and other online companies are trying to boost the advertising dollars they get from mobile devices as PC sales decline and people spend more time looking at smaller screens.

“We are closing in on our goal of a beautiful, simple and intuitive experience regardless of your device,” Page said according to Computerworld.