Google Retail? Not So Fast, Says Android Boss

For several weeks in this new year already, we have heard high-level rumors of Google entering the retail space in hopes of challenging the likes of Apple in a market that it presently dominates with more than 400 thriving retail stores globally.

But could all the talk of Google’s foray into retail have been a waste of time and headlines? It’s tough to say for now. But given the new comments from Android boss Andy Rubin, it doesn’t seem likely that physical retail stores from Google are coming soon.

In a roundtable discussion with reporters attended by AllThingsD’s Ina Fried, Rubin said Google does not have plans for a retail store and that the company likely won’t need them to sell its Nexus line of smartphones and tablets.

According to coverage from Business Insider, Rubin’s focus “is on the online Google Play store.”

So is Google trying to throw us off its retail scent… or will the Internet search giant really take a pass on retail?

You be the judge.