Google Reportedly Entering Retail Space

Internet search giant Google is taking the already expansive scope of its company and widening it even further. According to published reports Friday, Google is poised to enter the retail space before the close of 2013.

“In a move that would help Google (GOOG) continue its push beyond the Internet and into the realm of consumer electronics, the company reportedly plans to open its own retail stores ahead of the holidays this year,” BGR said this afternoon.

News of Google going into retail was first reported by 9to5Google.

The mission of the stores is to get new Google Nexus, Chrome, and especially upcoming products into the hands of prospective customers. Google feels right now that many potential customers need to get hands-on experience with its products before they are willing to purchase. Google competitors Apple and Microsoft both have retail outlets where customers can try before they buy.

For the time being, all we are told for certain is that an “extremely reliable source” confirms that Google will open stores in “several major metropolitan areas” across the United States.

Would you be excited to visit a Google retail outlet? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.