Google Recoups Paid Search Share, While Facebook Surges in Display Share

Google Recoups Paid Search Share, While Facebook Surges in Display ShareA new report has just crossed our desks from IgnitionOne, a global marketing cloud leader.

Its Q2 2015 Digital Marketing Report — containing data on trends and revenue across search, programmatic display, social, and mobile — reveals that Google has recovered from search loss revenues. But when it comes to the display revenue winner, Facebook is ruling the roost.

The report verifies a third straight quarter of strong growth for paid search spend in the U.S., which is up 22 percent year-over-year (YoY).

Where did those gains come from? Growth in mobile search, says the data. Mobile phone spend is up 71 percent YoY and growth for tablets is up 22 percent. In addition, programmatic display grew 33 percent compared to Q2 2014.

“Despite gains in search market share made by Yahoo!/Bing in previous quarters, Google reclaimed much of its lost ground,” according to IgnitionOne. “Google took in 75.5 percent of U.S. paid search spend, as opposed to Yahoo!/Bing’s 24.5 percent. The search giant was outpaced by Facebook in display growth, however, dropping -9 percent YoY compared to Facebook’s 48 percent growth in display spend.”

Unfortunately for Yahoo!/Bing, following three quarters of growth, its network lost U.S. search market share in Q2, returning to 24.5 percent of share.

“As industry giants battle over market share it only serves to highlight how important it is for marketers and their technologies to be publisher-agnostic,” said Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne. “This report once again validates sophisticated marketers paying close attention to individual customers and delivering messages at the right time, efficiently, no matter what publisher or what device.”

Quarterly reports can be downloaded in full here.