Google Ramps Up Live Traffic Coverage Through Google Maps

It’s one of the most popular features provided by Google Maps but one that isn’t as widely available as many Google fans and smartphone users would prefer.

“We may not be able to eliminate the bottlenecks that plague rush hours worldwide, but since launching our live traffic feature in 2008 we’ve been working to make the traffic information in Google Maps even more comprehensive and accurate to help you speed up your trips,” says Raphaël Marinier, Software Engineer at Google Maps.

According to an announcement today from the Internet search giant, live traffic updates are being broadened to give more users the information they seek.

Today, we’re expanding this coverage for the first time to more than 130 smaller cities across the United States as well as the capitals of Colombia, Costa Rica, and Panama.

“Whether you’re online on your home computer ensuring no unexpected snarls await your drive to the airport or you’ve been stuck behind a line of cars for a few minutes and can ask your friend in the passenger seat to check whether it’ll clear up just around the bend, we hope these updates save you time and stress when getting to your destination,” Marinier adds.