Google Puts Access Limits on AdMob in New Changes to Mobile Ad Services

Change is coming to Google’s mobile ad services. According to the Internet search giant, recently undertaken efforts to streamline the comany’s mobile advertising efforts will result in some palpable changes in the immediate future.

Chief among the revisions will be Google’s transition of all mobile website publishers to its AdSense service platform. Consequently, access to the AdMob network will be limited to application developers.

“Earlier this year,” writes Clay Bavor, Product Management Director of Mobile Ads for Google, “all AdSense for Mobile Applications beta participants switched to AdMob, which is now our primary, specialized solution for app developers.”

“We’re now pleased to offer a unified, specialized service for mobile web site publishers – AdSense, which we encourage AdMob mobile web publishers to move to,” Bavor writes on the Google Mobile Ads Blog. “AdMob support for older WAP mobile web sites will stop on September 30. For sites and ads made to be viewed on high-end devices (like iPhones and Android phones), the AdMob product will be around for a little longer, but we wanted to give mobile web publishers plenty of time to start the transition.”

“The net result of all this,” Bavor adds, “is that if you’re an app developer, AdMob is your solution for monetizing, measuring, and promoting your mobile apps. If you’re a mobile web publisher, AdSense can help you monetize your mobile web content.”

“We know that these sorts of transitions can cause our customers some extra work,” he concludes, “but we are absolutely confident that by having products to suit the specific needs of app developers and web publishers we’ll be able to offer the best technology and reporting, the easiest to use tools, the highest quality ads, and the most revenue possible.”

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