Google Play Tops 50 Billion App Downloads

Google Play Tops 50 Billion App DownloadsTwo months ago, Apple announced that it’s App Store had reached 50 billion app downloads.

“Apps have revolutionized the way we play video games, consume news, do business, education, communicate, create art, and so much more,” Apple said at the time.

But Android can now say the same. In fact, given Android’s challenge of playing catch-up to the Apple App Store’s unprecedented growth, Google’s little green robot actually accomplished a magnificent app download milestone of its own this week.

Google CEO Larry Page confirms that Google Play downloads have now surpassed 50 billion.

And with the increasingly bigger paydays that Android developers are seeing today, you can expect more apps and more downloads from Google Play in the coming months.

Page, after all, noted Thursday that more money was paid out to app developers in the first half of 2013 than during all of 2012.