Google Music to Challenge iTunes Head On

It appears that Google is ready to do battle with the likes of iTunes and others in the online music world who have turned a pretty penny in the age of digital tunes.

Google is now actively pursuing deals with major music labels for their proposed new music service aptly dubbed “Google Music.”

As it stands, the service in question would serve up the expected digital downloads, but also include what’s being called a subscription cloud-based “digital locker” of sorts.

In recent years, it has appeared that iTunes would be the first to reach the “clouds” so to speak, but Google is now poised and ready to reach the promised land first.

If all goes according to reports, Google Music will be remarkably similar to iTunes, even down to the revenue-based business model behind the venture.

But for the most part, you’ll be dealing with a service that basically enables users to download songs and for a small annual fee (expected to be $25), you can store your music in the aforementioned digital locker.

If Google, however, beats Apple to the punch on securing the rights to music presently controlled by the major labels, it will prove a devastating blow to Apple, which, until now, has dominated the digital music landscape.

Stay tuned.