Google Mobile Gets a History Lesson

Google Mobile is making history… literally.

This week, Google is launching a new search history feature that should prove itself to be a handy tool to those of us who need a little more “history” in terms of our mobile browsing.

Designed to help users quickly get back to sites they’ve been to from Android, iPhone, or desktop searches, Google Mobile is making it possible to simply sign in and then tap the new history link at the bottom of the Google homepage.

If you’ve enabled search history in your account, the “history that you see is a combination of all your searches done while you are signed-in, whether you are searching from a laptop at home, your desktop computer at work, or your phone while on-the-go,” Google says.

Best of all, your mobile searches are marked with a little phone icon so you can tell them apart. Similarly, for websites you’ve checked out from a desktop or laptop, there will be screenshot thumbnails to serve up a friendly reminder of where you’ve been (and probably where you would like to go again.)

As more and more mobile users turn to the mobile web for search, the concept of a history functionality through Google Mobile not only seems long overdue, but also a soon-to-be hugely popular component of the search engine giant’s present slate of mobile offerings and attributes.