Google Maps Surges with 10 Million iOS Downloads

If there wasn’t enough evidence previously to suggest that Apple’s freshly introduced mapping service wasn’t popular with iOS loyalists, the rush to pick up Google’s new mobile maps app should confirm any previous doubts.

According to the formal announcement straight from Google last night, 10 million downloads have already been logged by the revamped Google maps application.

That’s far from a shabby debut, given that all 10 million downloads took place within the app’s first 48 hours of availability.

Google executive Jeff Huber was so overjoyed that he went straight to Google + page to confirm the news.

“We’re excited for the positive reception of Google Maps for iPhone around the world,” Huber wrote. “Congratulations to the Maps Team on the recognition for the passion and hard work they poured into it, for this release and over the last 7+ years.”

Since its release, Google Maps has remained the top free app in the iOS App Store.