Google ‘Maps’ Out Renewed Partnership With Apple

On Tuesday, Google confirmed that it will, indeed, continue to do business with Apple.

During an interview at AllThingsD’s D9, Google’s former CEO and present executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, says his company will continue to work with Apple as a provider of maps for the company’s popular iOS.

In other words, it should come as no surprise next week when Apple unveils iOS 5 and Google is still attached, at least in a mapping capacity if not more extensively.

Next Monday, Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference begins in San Francisco.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs will take the stage to present this year’s keynote address and roll out a host of new services and software upgrades, including that which has driven speculation for months.

Apple announced in a formal press release Tuesday that it will introduce its next generation software – Lion, the eighth major release of Mac OS X; iOS 5, the next version of Apple’s advanced mobile operating system which powers the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch; and iCloud, Apple’s upcoming cloud services offering.