Google Manages 97 Percent Of Paid Mobile Search, 40 Pct Of Google Maps Usage Is Mobile

Google has been busy lately releasing stats on how much of its services are accessed via mobile devices.  We’ve long known that Google sees mobile as its next frontier, and by the looks of things, they’re quickly dominating the mobile channel like they’ve done Online.

Recent reports indicate around 5% of paid search spending is now in the mobile space, with Google dominating 97 percent of it.  The same report says that budgets for mobile search spending could double to 10% (around $1.1 billion) by the end of 2011 if current mobile search spending keeps increasing at the given pace.  Not surprisingly, Google would own most of this money as well.  Bing and Yahoo, the search providers in the number two and three spots behind Google, only own roughly 3 percent of the mobile search market currently.

Google Maps is another area where mobile usage is beginning to dominate.  During a talk at SWSW last week, Google’s Marissa Mayer revealed that 40% of Google Maps usage is mobile.  Interestingly, she indicated that Christmas and New Years day had mobile usage of Maps surpass the desktop — which is a first for any Google product.  Google Maps now has 150 million total mobile users.  To put that in context, Maps for mobile had 100 million users in August of last year.  That’s incredible growth for just one year.

Going back to search, it’s interesting to note that India continues to surge as a worldwide leader.  “Search queries originating from India have grown 20 times in the last five years, said Rajan Anandan, VP-Sales & Operations at Google India, adding that for Google, India is the third largest Internet market in terms of users, with over 100 million internet user base, adding that 40 million people in India access the Internet from work, and 30 million from Cafes, apart from 11 million households that have a broadband connection installed.