Google Makes Waves with New Premium Video Ad Exchange

Google Makes Waves with New Premium Video Ad ExchangeGoogle has just confirmed its foray into the programmatic video ad marketplace.

The Internet search behemoth and online advertising giant is behind a new service called Google Partner Select. Google asserts that this resource will empower top Web video publishers to sell their ad inventory more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

“Google is hyping its latest venture as a ‘programmatic premium video marketplace,'” Greg Madsen of NativeMobile reports. “If all goes as intended, Google may soon have in its fold a top-tier Web video ad exchange, which could both accelerate the expansion of programmatic advertising in the video market and help Google retain its position as the unmitigated superpower of the online ad world.”

For Google, explains VP of Display and Video Advertising, Neal Mohan, “our goal is to make digital work for brands. To do that, we have to make online video work for brands and their publisher partners.”

So just how will Google Partner Select work? Here is Google’s formal presentation announcing the new exchange.


eMarketer projects that video ad spending will balloon from $4 billion in 2013 to $6 billion in 2014.

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