Google Makes Another Mobile Acquisition

Delivering further credence to the suspicion that 2010 will prove the year of acquisitions in the mobile space, this week online search engine juggernaut Google scooped up yet another firm. This time, it’s the digital video specialists at Episodic. According to the official word on the Episodic blog, the Episodic team will join Google and “continue its work to bring a great video experience to the Web, mobile phones and IPTV devices.”

The Episodic platform is ideally suited for mobile marketing endeavors as it supports both live and on demand videocasts for both the web and mobile devices that are web-enabled. And while the team at Episodic recognizes the continued growth of the industry in which they dwell, the founders of the company are also quick to acknowledge how much potential for growth remains.

“To put it in perspective,” write co-founders Noam Lovinsky and Matias Cudich, “our industry is barely 15 years old. We’ve just received our learner’s permit, we still can’t drive without adult supervision and we’re certainly not old enough to buy a drink…legally.”

The financial terms of the acquisition by Google were not immediately revealed. The deal, however, marks yet another significant acquisition by Google – the fifth in 2010 alone. And as the mobile ad market heats it, the prospects are favorable for further 2010 acquisitions by the likes of Google, Apple, and Yahoo! to name only a few.