Google Launches Estimated Total Conversions

Google Launches Estimated Total ConversionsOn Tuesday, Google introduced Estimated Total Conversions, a new tool that will allow AdWords advertisers to track how their search ads perform across a variety of device screens.

Google says this is an exciting first step to give marketers more insight into how AdWords drives conversions for your business by showing you both the conversions you see today, like online sales, as well as an estimate of conversions that take multiple devices to complete.

Over time, we’ll be adding other conversion types like phone calls and store visits as well as conversions from ads on our search and display network.

Google stated today Estimated Total Conversions will provide users with a holistic view of all of the conversions driven by their Google search advertising that can be used to make important decisions like how much to bid and how to assign budget across various marketing channels.

“For the last few years,” the post continues, “many sophisticated advertisers have been using their own analysis to get to these insights.  Today, we are beginning to bring this level of insight and measurement to all advertisers.”

To learn more about Estimated Total Conversions, click here.