Google Grows Offerings for Mobile Marketers

Google has unveiled today a series of new changes that will have an immediate effect on mobile marketing for those who utilize smartphone technology.

According to the official announcement, AdSense mobile publishers can now “serve text and image ads on their respective websites – specifically on mobiles like the iPhone and Android-powered devices.”

“This feature offers publishers the ability to run larger AdSense ads visible on high-end phones. Before this launch, AdSense mobile publishers were only eligible to serve smaller text and image ads on their website content.”

Essentially, this development comes as a financial boon to mobile publishers who can now generate more income and then potentially fund greater mobile endeavors as a result.

“We hope to make advertising on high-end mobile devices as intuitive, effective and user-friendly as our existing AdWords tools,” says Danielle Van Dyke, a software engineer at Google.

Consistently walking the walk after talking the talk, Google continues to make good on efforts to simplify and incentivize the mobile marketing experience for publishers and developers alike.