Google Got Into The Smartwatch Game Earlier Than We Realized

Google Got Into The Smartwatch Game Earlier Than We RealizedNews came to light over the weekend that Google has acquired Los Altos, California-based WIMM Labs.

The deal, however, was sealed last year, giving Google a head start on its ambitious foray into the wearable technology market.

Sources tell GigaOM that Google purchased WIMM Labs as a means to bulk up its forthcoming bounty of smartwatch projects.

WIMM Labs was incubated around five years ago by Pillar Ventures, the investment company of former Rambus President Dave Morring, who subsequently became WIMM’s CEO. The company first developed an Android-based developer platform for wearable displays, and then followed up in late 2011 with its own, developer-centric smartwatch dubbed the WIMM One.

Prior to the close of 2012, WIMM relinquished its Twitter account, saying only that it had “entered into an exclusive, confidential relationship for our technology.”